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Two Plays
by Donald Batchelor
ISBN: 978-1-886420-72-4

Old Raleigh Road is a play in three acts. It is a serious look at the tobacco issue both economically and morally. A tobacco farmer contracts lung cancer and summons his family home while he deals with his impending death. Ultimately, he makes a decision that will affect his entire family and the tobacco industry in his region.

Rednecks , the play, was an adaptation of my novel by the same name. Rednecks has also been produced. Rednecks was staged in the very bar, by and among the characters that inspired the broad satire.

The project began in reaction to old news and gossip related on my return from a year in San Diego. It was 1985 when I came back to the isolated coastal area of fishing villages, retired snowbird and blue-collar-tourist beach communities, and troubled nuclear power plant that I’d claimed as home base in North Carolina for five years. Stories were repeated of two killings that were stunning in their irrationality: killings that were of stereotypical “redneck” brutality. It seemed the only way to approach the ironies and the idiocy of these New South murders was with satire—keeping in mind that the pejorative term “redneck” applies more aptly to Archie Bunker in Queens than to Mayberry’s Barney Fife.

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About the Author

Donald Batchelor is a native of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and among the twelfth generation in a family of tobacco growers. He now resides in Sharpsburg, near Rocky Mount, NC. Batchelor, once a 3-pack-a-day smoker, wrote Old Raleigh Road after an 18-month period in which he found himself dealing with the tobacco-related deaths of several friends and loved ones