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3 Plays
by Hal Lieberman, Playwright
ISBN: 978-1-886420-74-8

  • From the critics on Kafka in Love:

    Lieberman's script follows the anarchic logic of psychoanalysis, rushing backwards and forwards across Kafka's famous frontier between ordinary life and the terror that seems more real.

    The material is authentic, the atmosphere that of a Yiddish burlesque house. Striking from an unexpected angle the insight is genuine.

  • Kafka in Love deals with the last year of Franz Kafka's life. It won the Forest A. Roberts/Playwrighting Contest award for 1988 and was produced in November 1988 at the Forest Roberts Theatre in Marquett, Michigan. With Ron Moody directing, Alexander Racolin produced the play in London in November 1991.
  • The Leavings is a winner of the National Playwrights Showcase prize.

    When it was produced at the Gallery Theatre in Los Angeles, Jay Reiner in the Los Angeles Herald said "Lieberman bores in, relentlessly sparing us few details in the jagged arc of [dying], without once getting morbid or morose."

  • Double Shoot, formerly titled The Gandhi Problem was optioned by PCPA. It was performed on a national broadcast on France Culture (the French National Radio) and in a staged reading by The Upstart State Company.
Cover art by Joel Barr

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About the Author

Hal Lieberman's numerous plays have been performed from Los Angeles to London.