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Kit Black
by Monica Danetiu-Pana
ISBN: 978-1-932482-64-5

"I could smell rotting fish, the stench of rum barrels and unwashed bodies. I could also smell myself, because it had been quite a while since I had a bath. I didn't bathe much, the dirt kept me from looking like a woman….I was dressed like a boy because my mother has always dressed me that way to protect my chastity….she had contracted syphilis years before and the end was near. Either I remained a boy and signed on with one of the slave smuggling ships, or I became a doxy like my mom and likely suffer her fate."

In this historical romance the sea beckons Kit Black to come and find her fortune.  Life on sea in the early 1800s is hazardous and treacherous with no quarter given.  Life is short and without value. Only the resourceful, wary, and relentlessly strong can make and hold a place for profit and fame. 

About the Author

Monica was born in 1970 in Bucharest, Romania. For years she traveled the world as a ballet dancer working on cruise ships, the most romantic and exciting life anyone could ask for. That's where and how she met her husband, the love of her life. They settled down in California and have four children.

During a fifteen-year career in the entertainment industry, Monica wrote the screenplay of a political thriller TV series, several television and radio commercials, multimedia presentations, and press releases. Her articles were published in The Eastern European Philosophy -A Journal of Love and Life Under the Iron Curtain. Monica has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Belford University. Her books will take you on an emotional roller coaster to the most exotic places in the world.