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Chasing Charlie
by John Chabot
ISBN: 978-0-917990-69-4

Dylan Crooke's known men like Charlie all his life—men with eager smiles and guaranteed get-rich schemes. But Dylan leaves his dark past behind, or so he thinks, when he moves to a sleepy NC coastal town. He's hardly unpacked when he becomes entangled in a murder, art theft, a revolutionary invention, an angry thug, a heartbroken woman, and a too-nosy neighbor.

Only Charlie knows what's going on, but Charlie's gone. What's Dylan going to do?

Cover art by Jen Taylor

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About the Author

John Chabot was raised in Southern California and small-town Nebraska, has spent time in such diverse places as Japan, Ireland and upstate New York, married a woman from New England and has settled, at last, in North Carolina.

Finished with the world of computers "at least professionally" he has retired into his own world of the imagination.