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The China Card
by Donald Freed
ISBN: 978-0-917990-20-5

In this far-seeing novel, the nations of the near future come to 1984—and a world in crisis:

For the United States, Wolf Manheim, survivor of Buchenwald, the president's chief national security advisor, disciple of Adlai Stevenson . . .

For the Soviet Union, Georgi Arbatov, Kremlin man of letters, a lesser hawk playing a two-faced game . . .

For the People's Republic of China, Hu Ziping, a diminutive man of giant powers, waiting, waiting ever so patiently to play his own final China Card . . .

And surpassing them all—a woman of celebrity, using weapons more powerful than the world's arsenals.

Set against the backdrops of Washington, Peking, Moscow and a top secret retreat for the nation's movers and shakers, THE CHINA CARD is a riveting, prophetic novel of obsessive love and shocking international intrigue.

Cover art by Joel Barr.

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About the Author

Donald Freed's plays, books, and films include: Inquest ( directed by Alan Schneider); Secret Honor (directed by Robert Altman); Circe & Bravo (with Faye Dunaway, directed by Harold Pinter); The Quartered Man; Alfred and Victoria (A Life); Veterand Day (with Jack Lemmon and Michael Gambon); The White Crow; Agony in New Haven; Executive Action (novel and flim with Mark Lane); The Glasshouse Tapes; In Search of Common Ground (with Erik Erikson, Kai Erikson, and Huey P. Newton); The Existentialism of Alberto Moraria (with Joan Ross); and Death in Washington.

Prizes indlude the Rockefeller Award; The Louis B. Meyer Award; Tthe Unicorn Prize; The Gold Medal Award; the Berlin Critics Award and the NEA award for "Distinguished Writing."

New plays and films include: Is He Still Dead? (with Julie Harris as Nora Joyce); Solidarity; Love and Shadows (from the novel by Isabel Allende); and Sokrates Must Die (with Edward Asner).