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Someone To Crawl Back To
by Phillip Gardner
ISBN: 978-0-917990-18-2

Someone To Crawl Back To is a novel-in-stories, a collection of hearts in search of what they’ve always wanted or what they’ve eternally lost. Set in small town South Carolina, those hearts belong to wrecker drivers, drive-thru fast food workers, college professors, bartenders, insurance and mobile homes salesmen. Their common ground is The Paradise Lounge.

The death of a marriage, Joshua and Rene Serverance’s, forms the spine of the book, but included in this small community of seekers are George Scarborough and his softball-playing wife; Evander Baker, who helps his sister bury a bag of chocolate chip cookies near the septic line; and Warren Oxendine, whose wife buys a vibrator at a yard sale.

Structured more like a Robert Altman film than a traditional novel, reading Someone To Crawl back To is like going to The Paradise Lounge for a drink, slipping inside a patron’s skin, going home with that person, then coming back to The Paradise and leaving with another sojourner of love.

Cover art by Joel Barr

This book is also available in Print.

BOSON BOOKS also features a screen play by Phillip Gardner called Necessary Evils

About the Author

Phillip Gardner lives in Darlington, South Carolina and teaches English at nearby Francis Marion University. A winner of The South Carolina Fiction Project and The Piccolo Spoleto Fiction Open, his stories have appeared in The Chattahoochee Review and Gulf Stream Magazine. His interests include writing screenplays, lyrics and music.

Gardner's fiction reflects the complex nature of contemporary small-town southern life, where love and loss dance to a melody as old as human timel,

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