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Dear Diary, I'm in Love
by John A. Brousssard
ISBN: 978-1-932482-45-4

June 1

I doubt that I would be starting this diary if it weren’t for laptops.  I had a maiden aunt who gave me a pretty, red, imitation-leather notebook with “My Diary” embossed in gold on the cover.  She said every girl should start one at age eleven.  If I remember right, I wrote the date on the first page and immediately lost the book.

I’m not too likely to lose this laptop, since it’s my bread and butter.  And, because I regularly send my programming back to the office, I’ll be uploading these words to my own personal files back there – encrypted, of course.  Ah, the joys of modern technology.

The only tradition I’m going to adhere to is in treating you like a person, Dear Diary.  So let me tell you who I am before I start telling you all my secrets.

I’m Elizabeth Axelrood, better known as Liz to all my friends.  I’m now all of twenty-five, a business success and, while not a personal winner, at least I wouldn’t classify myself as a loser in that respect, either.  I majored in psychology in college, and my mom and dad assumed I’d go on in that field, but computers fascinated me.  Much against the wishes of my folks, I quit before graduation and went into programming. That’s how I met my ex-husband.  We started our own company, Ax-cell Learning Inc., got into educational software on the ground floor, and have been running to stay ahead of demand ever since.

Now, I suppose you want to know about Gordon Axelrood, and what happened between us....

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About the Author

John A. Broussard was born in Cambridge, MA in 1924. He's a Harvard undergraduate with a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. A teacher for twenty years, Broussard is a prolific writer of fiction and nonfiction. He has published hundreds of short stories. Additionally, Broussard reviews for Bibliophilos, I Love a Mystery, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. John A. Broussard makes his home in Hawaii.