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The Digital Dream
by Mike Cartlidge
ISBN: 978-0-917990-21-2

The Time?

The future. Hours, days, weeks, months. A couple of years, maybe.

The Place?

Here, I guess. Wherever
here is. Our computers and networks make the world a single place. It’s all becoming one. Isn’t it?

The Digital Dream
dramatizes the world made new by electronic intelligences that not only manipulate, but also create people and places beyond the physical realm.

Andrew Ross unwittingly pulls Kathleen Hennessey into a most dangerous dance with a ruthless phantom network called BAMBI made up of minds both human and electronic. Andrew and Kathleen chase BAMBI until the chase turns on them.

A NASA bird inexplicably goes awry. Sikpuppi, Predator, Stryka, and Underdogg hack into BAMBI, a cyberforce beyond even their teenage fantasies. McAllister and Crieff, two wiley old cops, catch the spin. Who is Robert O’Regan? What is Blackdawn? Does an outbreak of plague in an Adobe Flats laboratory have anything to do with a runaway train in Chicago or with the American Presidential election?

Cover art by Joel Barr

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About the Author

Mike Cartlidge has lived and worked in Europe, Australasia, Asia and the US. Nowadays, he lives in New Zealand by a beach from which, on a good day, he can see the tips of dormant volcanoes emerging like islands from the horizon sea.

Cartlidge has published mainstream novels and science fiction, in addition to newspaper and magazine articles on subjects ranging from humor to travel to technology. Besides his writing career, he works on a freelance basis as a strategist, with a particular concentration on e-business and the internet.

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