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The Evil That Men Do
by Robert D. Rodman
ISBN: 978-0-017990-89-2

Dagny Taggart Jamison is a private investigator working for her brother s P.I. firm in Santa Barbara, California, where she meets Lucy Navarro.

Lucy is a graduate student in anthropology who studies the Churok Native American culture. She comes home to find her roommate and best friend, Judy Raskin, hanging from the light fixture in her bedroom. Judy s professor had rejected her doctoral dissertation that day, and everybody thinks her death is a suicide. But Lucy is sure it is murder.

Hot on the trail of Judy s ex-boyfriend, who has fled, Dagny and Lucy find him hanged in a lonely dell in the redwood forest that surrounds the University of California at Santa Cruz. Again, suicide appears to be the plausible explanation.

Dagny s dogged investigation reveals that the two dead students had entered into a partnership with two cultists and a high-ranking Churok Indian shaman to reopen a defunct gold mine on the Churok Indian reservation. Now, armed with a motive for murder, Dagny presses ahead.

The Evil That Men Do is also available as a trade paperback. You'll find ordering information on our In Print page.

About the Author

Robert Rodman was born in Boston, raised and educated in Los Angeles, and is living presently in Raleigh, North Carolina. While no stranger to writing – as a college professor he has written textbooks, monographs and scholarly essays – fiction writing is a relatively recent undertaking, and inspired in part by Paul Theroux’s observation that “Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.”

An admirer of Ayn Rand’s character Dagny Taggart of Atlas Shrugged, Rodman reincarnates her as the private investigator Dagny Taggart Jamison, whom he attempts to endow with the character strengths of the original Dagny. Rodman also creates the character of forensic pathologist Charles Cranston Clarke, a fictional descendant of the character Sir John Cranston, created by Paul Doherty in his Brother Athelstan mysteries. Dagny and Charles meet for the first time in The Evil That Men Do, and at least for a while will be having a love affair while at the same time solving mysteries.