The Fight at Hueco Tanks


Chris Scott Wilson

“. . . his western books . . . earned critical praise all round . . .”  Middlesbrough Evening Gazette

“ . . . no nonsense about may the best man win. Interesting to Western lovers.” The Birmingham Sunday Mercury

“ . . . the author is a novelist and he knows how to tell a story . . .”  Mary Williams of The Cleveland Clarion

“ Chris Scott Wilson does a fine job of interpreting historical research and weaving it into an exciting novel, The Fight at Hueco Tanks. Wilson credibly depicts the mind-set, fears, and prejudices of both the white and Native American cultures during the turbulent Apache wars era of the 19th Century, American Southwest. His final product is an interesting and stirring account. If you want to read an intriguing story of the West with a touch of realism and a bunch of adventure, The Fight at Hueco Tanks is well worth your time.”  Randy Smith, author