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Prelude to Hemlock
by Steven D. Vivian
ISBN: 978-1-932482-38-6

Prelude to Hemlock is a black comedy that follows the fortunes of the young narrator, Jeffrey Edwards. A contrarian by nature and libertine by choice, Jeff is charming, caustic, fiercely intelligent...and fiercely self-destructive. Jeff writes lyrics for his sister Kim, a gifted rock musician, and as Kim's musical star rises, the siblings become entangled in events both comic and appalling. Along the way, Jeff contends with his pill-popping mother; his breezy and scheming father; and his dope-smoking friend, Tall Patty. As these characters intertwine and collide, Kim's career approaches the bright brink of success--even as she and Jeff approach the darkest brink of disaster. Jeff understands that "what the righteous really dread is a world with no sinners," but he and Kim cannot quite grasp the cost of truly living as they please.

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About the Author

Steve Vivian on the English faculty of South Suburban College near Chicago.

He is the author of Writing With Authority (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich), a popular college rhetoric textbook. He has published poetry and prose in numerous publications, including Circle, Davidson Miscellany, Framework, Laughing Boy Review, Lincoln Log, Nemesis, and obscure.