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Way of Escape
by Ann Fillmore
ISBN: 978-0-917990-41-0

In many countries, women have little value and the value they have is owned by men. Those women are—by rule of law and custom—virtually uneducated and subject to brutality and torture.

S.E.W, the secret Society for Emigrant Women, runs a rescue operation for women in danger that is much like the underground railway was for slaves in nineteenth century America. The money for S.E.W. comes mainly from a Swedish nobleman. S.E.W.'s avowed enemy, the Chief Constable of Iran, has put a fatwa death decree on the baron. To keep the baron safe, the head of S.E.W. declares him dead.

With women waiting in the rescue pipeline in Saudi, Uganda, and Miami, there is news that the Swedish government has decreed the baron’s estate goes, not to his son as planned, but to a woman whom the Swedish bureaucracy says is the baron's real wife! The accounts are frozen. There is no money for operations. Yet, the baron must remain "deceased."

Assassination plots are devised from California to the Middle East to stop S.E.W. from operating. S.E.W. agents are compromised, and women, who might be saved, instead may die. This is a story of intrigue, suspense, and mortal danger. It is a disturbing look at women trapped in cruel and repressive social structures.

About the Author

Ann Fillmore wrote Way of Escape after years of working as a behavioral scientist dealing with victims of violence, especially women. Her knowledge and experience in that work resulted in this highly suspenseful novel of danger and intrigue about the work undertaken by the necessarily secret Society for Emigrant Women.

Ann Fillmore lives in Reedsport near the coast of Oregon on the Umpqua River. She likes to paint in oils and pastels. She's an avid gardener, fly fisher, bird-watcher, and cook.