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A Ship's Tale
by N. Jay Young
ISBN: 978-1-932482-12-6
A Ship's Tale is compelling, true to life, and hitting straight in the heart. I can empathize with those men who love that ship—for I too have loved and lost a ship. I encourage anyone with a love of the sea as well as those in a relationship with one of us "ship loving" types to read this book.
—James P. Delgado, Host of National Geographic Television's The Sea Hunters, and Executive Director, Vancouver Maritimie Museum.

An extraordinary tale from World War II of an extraordinary sailing  vessel written by a courageous and extraordinary author.—Walter Cronkite

This is a good book and would make a good film.—Clive Cussler

Set in post-war England, this is the story of the square-rigger
Before this great lady meets her fate, a group of rogue sailors, unable to persuade the Admiralty to help save the vessel, pirates the ship away while under tow to be scuttled. Through their creative use of materials and methods, they sail her through the English Channel and the Irish Sea, hoping to deliver the ship to her original home where she was built in Dumbarton, Scotland on the river Clyde. A former Royal Navy officer, Lt. Flynn tells the story. He is lured into conspiring with a Scottish sea captain (Bowman), his British first mate (Harris) who is the inside connection to parts from the scrap yards, an Irish navigator (Edward), and a Russian master rigger (Boris). Together, the crew outsmarts the British Admiralty and Scotland Yard in their attempts to stop the ship. During their journey, the crew fights the weather and avoids modern day detection. A sympathetic public opinion, aided by an AP reporter and a host of unlikely co-conspirators become their allies.

This book is also in Print.

About the Author

Most of the characters in this story are people I met while growing up around different waterfronts. I consider myself lucky to have been able to learn about ships and the sea from those individuals with actual nautical experience. They helped me ‘learn the ropes’ and gave me some of the best firsthand experience with different shipboard situations. Some served during actual wartime across the North Atlantic and throughout the area I describe here.

Subsequently I indulged myself with a short tour of duty with the U.S. Navy. My brilliant and romantic military career turned out to be neither of these things; however, it provided an education in certain fields that would prove useful later in life.

I volunteered many hours when I was younger, helping to restore and maintain various ships, which were on display for the public and are now used as museums and tourist attractions; it was a deeply gratifying experience.

During that time I enjoyed the company of people, and animals, similar and in most cases exactly like the characters I have woven into this tapestry of A Ship’s Tale.

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