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Now Mourn the Space Cadet
by John Chabot
ISBN: 978-1-886420-71-7

Now Mourn the Space Cadet is the second in a series set in Connor Beach, involving detectives Chervenic and Wilder. The first in the series is Our Fathers.

Tina Siegert, a first rate flake, searches for the secrets of mystical power. She is found dead, her body adorned with arcane symbols, a stake driven into her chest.

Detectives Mickie Wilder and Harry Chervenic look for her killer among her friends, enemies, and husbands. After a second murder, the killer targets Mickie as victim number three.

About the Author

John Chabot was raised in Southern California and small-town Nebraska, has spent time in such diverse places as Japan, Ireland and upstate New York, married a woman from New England and has settled, at last, in North Carolina.

Finished with the world of computers "at least professionally" he has retired into his own world of the imagination.

Mr. Chabot has two mystery novels on audiotape, and has had a number of short stories published, one of which won second place in the Mary Higgins Clarke mystery contest.