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Stoney Beck
by Jean Houghton-Beatty
Price: $9.95
ISBN: 978-0-917990-47-2

When Jenny Robinson's father dies of Huntington's disease, she tells her mother she will never marry out of fear that she might have inherited the disease.

Jenny’s mother, filled with grief over her husband’s death and guilt over secrets she never told her daughter, dies from an overdose of prescription pills. She leaves an unfinished note along with a snapshot of Jenny's biological father, a man she met in England's Lake District. This was a secret that neither Jenny nor anyone in her family could ever have suspected. 

Jenny leaves North Carolina and travels to Stoney Beck in the Lakes to try to solve the puzzle of her past. She takes up residence in a cottage in the grounds of the Hare and Hounds Inn, the same cottage her mother occupied when Jenny was conceived. On her first day in Stoney Beck, she meets Biddy Biggerstaff who frightens Jenny by telling her she knows who she is, why she has come, and has even seen her photograph. Biddy threatens to drive Jenny away.

She finds work in the village corner shop, filling in for Sarah, a young woman with Down syndrome and increasing ill health. Sarah has to live with the cruel and unstable Biddy, who became her legal guardian when her adoptive parents were killed.

It isn't until the doctor who delivered Jenny returns home to Stoney Beck and tells Jenny she is Sarah's fraternal twin sister that Biddy's attempts to frighten her make sense.

There’s also Andy, the man with whom she is falling in love. Jenny’s unraveling of the family’s mystery leads to violence that upends the formerly tranquil Lake District village of Stoney Beck.

STONEY BECK is also available as a trade paperback. You'll find ordering information on our in Print page under Romance.

About the Author

Jean Houghton-Beatty was born and educated in Liverpool, England.  She moved to the United States after marrying her American husband and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

STONEY BECK is her second published novel.  Her first novel, DIFFERENT DRUMMERS, is now published by Boson Books in ebook format.  She participated in South Carolina’s Moveable Feast of Authors and appeared on PBS.  

Houghton-Beatty has also written short stories and is in the process of completing her third novel.