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Zenak: The End of the Beginning
by George S. Pappas
ISBN: 978-0-917990-52-6

Zenak is an epic hero whose story is uncovered in current time with the discovery of an archeological site in Eastern Turkey. Scrolls, written in an untranslatable language are found in a nearby cave. One of the archeologists travels to the Himalayas to meet with a newly found tribe of human-like creatures, where he discovers that one of the tribe knows how to translate the scrolls. And the story begins.

Zenak, the King of Deparne, on the single global land mass called The Island, has married Mara, the princess of that kingdom and daughter of the previous ruler, whom Zenak banished. Vokar, the wizard of Deparne, is Zenak's bitter enemy and Mara's lover. The baptism of Zenak and Mara's son is to be a day and night of celebration for all of Deparne.

Vokar quickly takes Mara and the child out of the city heading for Soci. Vokar is amassing evil cosmic powers and calculates that by the time he reaches Soci, he will be able to conquer the good wizards, who stabilize their land for optimal human life.

Vokar soon realizes Zenak is in pursuit and leaves various traps in an attempt to kill Zenak. Among the traps are a forest of murdering trees, a demon from the pits of Varsoula, a mesmerized village with the united purpose of killing Zenak, and a subhuman tribe that takes Zenak into Soci tied to a wagon wheel.

Finally, Vokar and Zenak face each other. Zenak fights with his broadsword, courage, and righteous anger, while Vokar has the powers of the cosmos to command.

About the Author

George Pappas was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, and lives in nearby Ormond Beach with his wife Patty and their two daughters. Between stints at the State Attorney’s office and a private law firm, Pappas traveled and worked in all parts of the globe. In Greece near Sparta, he lived on a family farm, where he harvested honey and worked in the fields. Pappas and his family continue to travel, using time away from the general practice law firm that he opened in 1990.

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