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Coyote Hunter's Guide
by Randy D. Smith
ISBN: 978-0-917990-71-7

Well-known outdoor writer, Randy D. Smith, draws on over 40 years of coyote hunting experience to explain the mystery, challenge, and successful tactics of calling and hunting one of nature's most intelligent and illusive predators.

Smith believes that the better an animal is known and understood, the stronger the chances for hunting success. He has often acted as a judge in state, national, and world predator calling contests. Smith discusses the four elements of coyote calling—habitat, stealth, variety, and patience. He explains the importance of understanding the annual life cycle of the coyote and how that knowledge will make you a more productive hunter. He explains how to pattern coyote behavior and to discern whether or not coyotes are the real culprits of many rural and urban predation problems. Smith draws on years of wildlife call consulting and experimentation to explain the different call patterns as well as how to use a wide variety of electronic and mouth calls. He discusses how to deploy the various types of rifle, bow, handgun and shotgun loads, and tactics to be most efficient. He examines the importance of camouflage, scent, and movement when engaged in any predator hunt. This is not a "gimmick or product" book but rather a complete guide into the world of coyote calling written by someone who knows what he is talking about.

Cover art by Jen Julian

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About the Author

Randy D. Smith writes and consults for the predator hunting industry. His work can be seen in magazines such as Predator Xtreme, Trapper & Predator Caller, Predator Hunting, Kansas Wildlife and Parks, Predator Nation, and Fur-Fish-Game. Smith is a public speaker, reviewer, and consultant for wildlife call systems. Additionally, Smith currently runs a small cattle and horse operation near Woodward, Oklahoma.

Smith has published over 500 articles on hunting, conservation, reenactment, Old West history, outdoor activities, and educational issues. He was the host/associate producer of the two-time Kansas Association of Broadcasters award-winning "High Plains Outdoors" for Smoky Hills Public Television. For several years, he was a columnist for Old West magazine. His column "Old West Gunsmith" dealt with historical firearms of the 19th century. He is a field editor for Blackpowder Hunting and was a contributing editor for Firearms Quarterly. He has hunted big game with a muzzleloader on three continents.