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Dirty Rotten Recruiter Tricks
by Elaine Delanna Priestly
ISBN: 978-1-932482-37-9

This book is an exposé of unscrupulous recruiters, those who deceive job seekers and cheat client companies. It is a fictive memoir of the author's early years in the recruiting business. And she knows what she's talking about. She's a woman who rose to the top of her profession and learned every deceptive practice and dirty recruiter trick imaginable along the way.

Dirty Rotten Recruiter Tricks, dramatized through embellished dialogue, gives you a peek inside the grubby end of the business where recruiting charlatans practice their wily crafts. Honest recruiters who provide genuine services to job seekers and client companies alike find their reputations tarnished by such frauds.

At the conclusion of each chapter, you will find Elaine's Diary, a summary of salient points that provide solid advice to help both job candidates and hiring executives avoid the kind of recruiter scams described so graphically in the book. In essence you're getting both an entertaining story along with some valuable advice. For example, you'll learn

*how recruiters are often trained to lie

*what the phrase slinging shit at a screen means and why it reflects the philosophy of far too many recruiters

*why it's vitally important that companies vet their recruiters face to face and not over the phone

*the dirty tricks recruiters use to get leads on job orders

*the obvious disregard, even contempt, many recruiters feel for job candidates

*why job applicants should never believe recruiters when they ask for references unless they have job orders in hand

*how honesty is the most difficult policy in a profession riddled with liars and cheats

*why the recruiting business and telemarketing business are kindred spirits

*the underhanded tricks recruiters use to gain the names and addresses of company executives and other hiring authorities

*why recruiting is the essential dog-eat-dog business where survival of the fittest takes on biting meaning

*why recruiting managers often view the recruiter-company client relationship as essentially adversarial

*what broadcasting resumes means and how it (justifiably) results in lawsuits against recruiters

*how unscrupulous recruiters encourage job candidates to lie on their resumes

*why job candidates must keep in touch with hiring authorities of companies during and after the interviewing process, and not rely on what recruiters tell them

*why many company executives won't deal with recruiters under any circumstances.

Cover art by Joel Barr

About the Author

The author is an experienced recruiter and manager who learned the tricks of the recruiting trade, some good, some bad, and is sharing them with you in this book.