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Hunting Modern South Africa with Powder and Ball
by Randy D. Smith
ISBN: 978-1-932482-60-7

Randy D. Smith, muzzleloader hunting expert and long-time field editor for Blackpowder Hunting magazine, describes the modern history, equipment, and tactics for black powder hunting in modern Africa.  Whether you are interested in reading to learn about modern muzzleloader hunting or strictly for entertainment, this book has it all. 

Part I deals with the history of the muzzleloader safari, equipment options, muzzleloader recommendations, and the author’s preparations.  Nineteenth century hunters who faced big game with only single-shot and double-barreled muzzleloaders are not only presented, but also the relationships between their experiences and the modern hunter’s expectations are described.

Part II describes the author’s experiences on a plains game safari in South Africa with modern muzzleloading pioneer, Dr. Gary White.  The hunt for twelve different plains game animals is accurately described, warts and all. Read of successes and failures to give you an idea of the challenges and rewards of the muzzleloader safari.

Part III provides a detailed planning guide for those considering a black powder safari, including South African sources for powder and other supplies.  The author includes his recommendations for the best equipment, transportation, rifles, and regulations compliance. The author not only tells you what to expect but how to avoid costly mistakes. This detailed book is a must-have for anyone interested in taking on the Dark Continent with primitive firearms.

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About the Author

Randy D. Smith is a professional grant, outdoor and historical writer. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in communication. He has over 300 articles published on hunting, conservation, reenactment, Old West history, outdoor activities and educational issues. For several years he was a columnist for Old West magazine. His column "Old West Gunsmith" dealt with historical firearms of the 19th century. He is a field editor for Blackpowder Hunting and was a contributing editor for Firearms Quarterly.

He is the National Public Relations Director for the American Federation of Old West Reenactors. He was the host/associate producer of the two-time Kansas Association of Broadcasters award-winning "High Plains Outdoors" for Smoky Hills Public Television. Smith has two nonfiction books currently in publication, The Black Powder Plainsman, A Beginners Guide to Muzzleloading and Reenactment, and Teaching Applied Communication, A Supplemental Curriculum Guide and Instructional Plan.

He serves as a consultant/coordinator for historic pageants and reenactment. He is a successful educational grant writer, raising over $8,000,000 in new grant funding since July, 1996 for the Dodge City community.