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You're So Lucky to Find Me!
by Nancy McAllister and Ann Mound
ISBN: 978-0-917990-26-7

Making a serious romantic connection is the subject of this book.

  • How to do it
  • Where to do it
  • How it happens
  • How others did it
  • How to take care of it

If you are "looking" - as thousands are today - this book may help you conclude your search.

If you are happily married or happily single and thus not looking, we are sad to say that your situation may be only temporary.

Three C's - creativity, concentration, caring. What does it take to keep your serious romantic connection alive and well?

About the Authors

Not that we are experts, but between us we've had marriages. We've also had divorces, a number of other long-term relationships, living-together situations, a few brief liaisons, and the unexpected death of a loved one. Too many of our years over age twenty-five have been spent as single women, and we have taken a crack at all the things in this book that we had the nerve to try.

We have raised children, and have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We have experienced ex-spouses, ex-in-laws, empty nest, hot flashes, stepchildren, hysterectomy, infidelity, and wrinkles.

We have gone to court, and we have had therapy, both one-on-one and group - and do-it-yourself. We have lived in the West, the South, the Northeast, and the Midwest, in cities and small towns. We are culturally Jewish and Protestant.

We have stayed home and raised children, and we have been single mothers working full time.