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The Writer's Guide to Self-Marketing Using Social Networking Sites
by Kristin Kirkland
ISBN: 978-0-917990-81-6

The birth of the Internet has created a global community of buying, sharing, and selling goods—texts among them. As an author today, it is important for you to self-market and promote your books if you want your work to be recognized out in the reading world. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogger, provide an online space for authors to connect with and expand their audience no matter where the members of that audience reside.

Instead of flying across the country to meet with fans, sign books, and give readings, an author can now interact with fans across the globe by “Tweeting” on Twitter, posting videos on Facebook, or blogging on Blogger. In addition to providing an avenue of constant contact and update with his or her fans, social networking sites can also help an author promote public appearances and events he or she is a part of, making them more successful because of a larger turnout.

This guide will offer creative and innovative ways for authors to network and connect with their audiences using social networking sites. Each chapter introduces an author to a different social networking site and provides guidelines for setting up profiles, interacting with fans, and using special features, such as Visual Bookshelves, Event Calendars, and Search functions.

About the Author

Kristin Kirkland is a graduate of Peace College and currently a student at North Carolina State University earning her Master of Arts Degree in English Literature. During the summer of 2009, Kristin interned at Boson Books and got her first taste of the e-book publishing industry.

While interning, she realized the potential of online social networking sites for helping authors promote their works and created this guide to help authors navigate the information highways of the worldwide web. Kristin resides in Raleigh, NC.