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MOPPING TALL!: The Hubby's Guide to Housework and Other Dangerous Jobs - Second Online Edition
by Lou Delena
ISBN: 978-1-932482-09-6
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Have you been dissed by dust? Does the thought of cooking dinner turn your stomach instead of turn you on? Are you uncertain as to which is the functional end of a broom? Have you been told that you're short on housekeeping skills? Well, don't just stand there - get TALL!

Mopping Tall - The Hubby's Guide to Housework and Other Dangerous Jobs is just what you need to transform yourself from a domestic doormat into a He-man of Home Management. Mopping Tall is an irreverent, informative look at the world of housekeeping and beyond. It is written especially for the novice househusband, particularly those of us who have been victims of the employment crunch.

Mopping Tall will help to brighten your day as well as your bathroom bowl. You'll learn many of the facets of domestic superintendence including washing, cooking, cleaning, and, yes, ironing. With this book and some practice, you'll soon be laughing at those tasks that used to send chills down your spine, such as changing closets and washing windows. In addition, Mopping Tall provides you with other valuable information on topics such as time management and dealing with your in-laws, a commodity that cannot be measured in terms of a price tag.

Real men do housework, most notably in these changing times of yesterday's traditions on a collision course with today's realities. Why not join in the fun? Grab this book (uh, don't forget to pay for it) and your favorite cleaning utensil. It's time to start MOPPING TALL!

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About the Author

A lifelong Bay-Stater, Lou DeLena was born in the Roxbury section of Boston and raised in Medford. He attended local schools, culminating in his graduation from Medford High School (in 1972). He received a BS in Journalism and Mass Communications from Suffolk University (in 1976). Among his employment, Lou has worked as a cemetery laborer, radio announcer, and Technical Writer (his current position).

Mopping Tall - The Hubby's Guide to Housework and Other Dangerous Jobs is Lou's first book. An award-winning poet, he has authored verses in several periodicals and poetry compilations. He has also written an article that was published in Route 66 magazine. He is currently working on his second book and first novel.

A devotee of Jack Kerouac, Lou's other loves include his family, rock and roll, travel, Mystery Science Theater 3000, American history, and anything edible. Lou is married and shares a home in Malden (and all housekeeping duties as well) with his wife Donna.