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A New Yorker's Stories
by Philip Gould
ISBN: 978-0-917990-78-6

Philip Gould is an unfettered scholar of New York City. These essays comprise spontaneous details of Gould’s encounters with his old friend and confident—the wise and talented city of New York. The city is also his birthplace as well as that of his parents and his children. When he travels outside New York, the city travels within him, extending and further informing his considerable passion and knowledge for art and the art of collecting.

When not traveling, Gould writes an essay titled “A Trip Around the World in 12 Hours” in which he can say: “In one afternoon, I touched bases with half a dozen Asian cultures, visited two flea markets, got legal advice, bought some quality beads, refreshed my palate, indulged my senses with an exotic musical treat, and got home too late to take on another meal.”

In these essays, Philip Gould expresses a New Yorker’s unceasing new perspectives on the subjects of family, friends, collecting African and Asian textiles and ceramics, art criticism; food, street-level observations, and travel.

About the Author

Philip Gould was born in Manhattan. At the end of World War II he finished his undergraduate study at New York University and left for Paris immediately afterwards. The GI Bill carried him through an advanced degree at the University of Paris and on to a career as a professor of art history. He taught at Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College where he introduced the study of Chinese art.

He and his French wife, Nadia Balter Gould, raised a family of four and used sabbatical time to travel around the world many times. He taught and lectured at major schools and museums in Asia, Europe, and Africa, often under the aegis of the United States Information Service. He is an established collector and curator.

Gould’s writing time has come during his retirement years with the benefit the computer: all the stories in this collection were written in the eighth decade of his life and he is still writing. At the end of the day, New York has been the most rewarding place for Philip Gould’s multiple interests.

Author photo by Joanne Chan.