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Rogues in the Gallery: The Modern Plague of Art Thefts
by Hugh McLeave
ISBN: 978-0-917990-82-3

Rogues In The Gallery exposes it all: the cozy insurance ransom racket, the professional gangs of art thieves, the specialists, the connections with the international drug racket and the Mafia. Hugh McLeave has researched the whys and wherefores of the question for years, drawing on resources available to him through agencies such as Interpol, the FBI, the French Sûreté, and Scotland Yard.

Rogues In The Gallery is a lively and informed account of the causes—and limited cures—of this epidemic. It charts the classic outbreaks, portrays the rich gallery of protagonists, and defines what means there are to combat the disease.

But even with sophisticated computers and Interpol, the total elimination of art theft is unlikely. As long as auction prices continue to rise and inflation devalues savings, the theft of precious objects will flourish. The lure of easy money is at the root. This is a serious book on an urgent problem, especially for those who collect art.

The book is an updated version of a print book with the same name and author that appeared in 1981. It contains two new chapters that cover the period from 1980 to 2000.

Cover Art by Joel Barr

About the Author

Born and brought up in the west of Scotland, Hugh McLeave studied history and modern languages at Glasgow University. He speaks five languages. He spent five war years as an artillery officer in the Far East. Afterwards, he went into London journalism, working for twenty years in Fleet Street. He was first a crime correspondent at Scotland Yard and later covered the great world events in science and medicine for the News Chronicle and the Daily Mail. Among those he once covered a too close-up look at an H-bomb test and interviewed such disparate individuals as J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the A-bomb; and Klaus Fuchs, who revealed its secrets to the Russians. He knew the men who trail-blazed modern heart surgery on which he wrote the first popular book, The Risk Takers.

Hugh McLeave's twenty-three books include the novels A Question of Negligence and No Face in the Mirror, written around his psychiatric sleuth Gregor Maclean. His nonfiction list comprises The Last Pharaoh, the life of King Farouk, also a film; a biographical history of the Foreign Legion, The Damned Die Hard; A Man and His Mountain, the life of the painter, Paul Cézanne; and A Moment of Truth— published by Boson Books—a biographical novel on the life and times of Zola. Joining these is McLeave's history of the most spectacular art thefts, Rogues in the Gallery.