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The Classic STAR TREK Trivia Book
by John Arthur Maddux, Ed.D.
ISBN: 978-1-886420-39-7

This IS the CLASSIC! If you are a Star Trek addict, this is the book for YOU! The author has dedicated hundreds of hours watching episode after episode, over and over again--at regular speed, in extra slow motion, and in stop action. It contains everything you ever wanted to know (and perhaps some things you don't) about the original Star Trek series. As a Trekkie you can't be without it! Download it NOW.

About the Author

Dr. John Maddux is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Freshman Composition at the University of Cincinnati and serves as a consultant and the Director of Education for the College of Art Advertising in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has published several books including two volumes of poetry and a novel. For six years Dr. Maddux wrote a monthly political column for the Nouveau Midwest news magazine and was a social and political commentator on WAIF-FM in Cincinnati for four years.

Dr. Maddux is obviously a Star Trek expert addicted to Star Trek trivia. He eagerly shares his expertise and addiction with you.