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Twelve British Statisticians
by Richard H. Williams, Donald W. Zimmerman, Donald C. Ross and Bruno D. Zumbo
ISBN: 978-1-932482-44-7

Twelve British Statisticians provides a description of the lives and scientific contributions of a dozen statistical luminaries. Each statistician is a famous figure, but is especially renowned in Great Britain. Their fields of expertise sometimes include disciplines that depart from statistics and display great versatility. The book is accessible to a wide reading audience.

  Each of the chapters of the book focuses on the scientific contributions and personal life of a single statistician. Each chapter begins with an overview and contains a rich set of references.

  Current textbooks in statistics contain little information about the pioneers in the field. This book provides a historical supplement in courses on quantitative methods in the behavioral, social, and biological disciplines.

  The statisticians and some of their contributions covered include:

  1. Karl Pearson: product-moment correlation.
  2. R.A. Fisher: analysis of variance and covariance, experimental design, common sampling distributions.
  3. Charles Spearman: factor analysis, theory of intelligence, mental test theory.
  4. Florence Nightingale David: advocate of women’s vocational rights in statistics, distinguished educator.
  5. George Udny Yule: time series, contingency table analysis.
  6. Maurice G. Kendall: generation of and tests for randomness, time series.
  7. George E.P. Box: statistical quality control, analysis of time series.
  8. William Sealy Gosset (“Student”): small sample statistical techniques, contributions to Neyman-Pearson theory.
  9. Egon Sharpe Pearson: Neyman-Pearson theory, history of statistics.
  10. Francis Ysidro Edgeworth: polymath, Mathematical Psychics, editor of the Economics Journal.
  11. Maurice S. Bartlett: stochastic processes, epidemiology, time series.
  12. David Cox: multivariable models including covariates and treatment variables, survival rate.

About the Authors

Richard H. Williams received a doctorate in Educational Psychology from Indiana University. He coauthored the book Modern Elementary Statistics with Donald Zimmerman published by American Sciences Press.  He served as consulting editor of the Journal of Experimental Education for 15 years. He has also published a book of short stories entitled As Time Goes By by Mountain Mist Productions, and numerous essays and poems.  Professor Williams is currently at the University of Miami.

Donald W. Zimmerman received the doctorate in Psychology from the University of Illinois. He also took a postdoctoral fellowship in Research at the University of Washington. He is coauthor of Modern Elementary Statistics with Richard Williams and has published over 150 juried, academic publications. Dr. Zimmerman is currently a professor at Carleton University.

Donald C. Ross obtained his doctorate in Psychology with a minor in  Mathematical Statistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Donald Ross has coauthored three books: An Index of Rorschach Responses,  An Index of Responses to the Group Rorschach Test and A Spectrum of Rorschachs, all published by Johns Hopkins Press. His current vocational position is Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Bruno D. Zumbo was awarded a doctorate in Psychology from Carleton University. Is currently at the University of British Columbia in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research and secondary appointments in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, and Psychology. He is the Editor of the International Journal of Testing and Associate Editor of the Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods.