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How to Generate Values in Young Children
by Sue Spayth Riley
ISBN: 978-1-932482-27-0

This book is directed to the parents, teachers, and counselors of preschool children.

Integrity, Honesty, Individuality, Self-Confidence, and Wisdom: the ingredients for a successful life begin at a very early age.  Sue Spayth Riley acknowledges the factors and complexities of modern life that inhibit the development of values in children while stating that we need not surrender to them. 

Decision-making is the key.  Riley demonstrates how the child’s ability to make up his or her own mind plays a major role in ethical and moral education.  Through examples, anecdote, and clinical observation, as well as theory, Sue Spayth Riley shows how problems such as blanket-weaning, staying dry, hostile behavior, and too much television can be resolved by the child.

This book is also available in print.


About the Author

Sue Spayth Riley was educated at the Ferrer Colony, Black Mountain College, and Goddard College.  She received her graduate training at the University of North Carolina and has published articles on many aspects of teaching young children in widely recognized educational journals.  In addition, Riley is the founder of a preschool and has taught for many years.