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Painting Trees
by Naomi Myles
ISBN: 978-1-886420-57-1
Praise for Painting Trees

"With quiet surety, Naomi Myles cultivates a contemplative wordscape allowing that ". . . some roots be hidden and some exposed. And in this crafted world we are asked to think of windows framing the past, some inhabitants in sharp focus, others, "lights that flicker and go out."-Julie Suk

"Naomi Myles creates on aura of possibility in Painting Trees. Reading her poems is like taking a familiar road to sources where music, dance, words-art-really matter."-Shelby Stephenson

Cover art by Jeanne Eger

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About the Author

Naomi Myles (1915-2012), poet, journalist, musician, and entrepreneur was born in New York City and lived in Charlotte N.C. since 1956. She was a graduate of Goddard College in Vermont. Her commitment to poetry followed a career as a free-lance writer and journalist. She was a member of the North Carolina Writers Network and the North Carolina Poetry Society.