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  • Moments of Light: Fred Chappell's first book of short shories
    Cloth - $16.95
    ISBN 978-0-917990-05-2

  • White Trash: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern Poets
    Edited by Nancy Cooke and Robert Waters Grey
    Cloth Collectors Edition - $100.00
    Cloth ISBN 0-917990-01-3
    Paper, Second Edition - $16.95
    ISBN 978-0-917990-06-9

  • Bear Crossings: An Anthology of North American Poets
    Edited by Ann Newman and Julie Suk
    Paper - $12.95
    ISBN 0-917990-08-0

The above trade editions are published by C&M Online Media's imprint New South Books. All orders must be prepaid. Send orders and checks for U.S. funds to:
C&M Online Media, Inc.
3905 Meadow Field Lane
Raleigh, NC 27606

email order inquiries to cm@cmonline.com

Shipping and handling for each address for orders of one or two copies is $4.50. Orders will be shipped by US Postal Service.

Trade Paperbacks

The following are now or soon will be available from Amazon, Powells, and Barnes and Noble. You can find reviews and samples of the book on the book's webpage. Just click on the book title. You can also order these from your bookstore through Ingram.

Science Fiction

  • Future Tense by Frank Almond
    Paperback - $18.95
    ISBN 978-0-917990-77-9

Action/ Adventure/ Mysteries

Historical Fiction





  • Dagon by Fred Chappell
    Paperback - $12.95
    ISBN 978-0-917990-94-6


  • Stoney Beck by Jean Houghton-Beatty
    Paperback - $17.50
    ISBN 978-0-917990-84-7

  • Way of Escape by Ann Fillmore
    Paperback - $18.95
    ISBN 978-0-917990-98-4

Short Stories



Cloth Editions